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"Biomedical engineering academician workstation" at the provincial level


“Biomedical engineering academician workstation" engaged in stem cells basic research, clinical application, and technology services. We are the first to grasp key link in the process of cell therapy on international industry development, which is stem cell separation technology.

The technique of Bone marrow and cord blood cells isolating Reagent Kit and adipose-derived stem cells isolating Reagent Kit won national patent authored by SIPO, and the products have been applied in clinical treatment and medical hairdressing largely.

The existing products owned outstanding technical advantage and higher market share, which take the forefront place in the domestic biological pharmacy field. Cellular therapy product research and development is a cutting-edge in the field of stem cell biology technology, we owned a group of core technology with independent intellectual property rights, which provides sustainable sufficient power for the development of clinical cell therapy industry.

Biomedical engineering academician workstation based on AVIC Biology Co., Ltd., it is responsible by related staffs in R&D department. Staff information as follows: 1 chief scientist, 1 post-doctoral researcher, 3 master researchers, the rest researchers own bachelor degree. We introduced our first 6 academicians at expert-level, and make great efforts to build “production-learning-study” biomedical engineering academician workstation in the standard of leading in Ningxia and influential in China.

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