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AVIC Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AVIC Capital), a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as AVIC), is an important financial platform of AVIC and shoulders an important mission of taking advantage of combination of industry and finance and exploring the development mode of aviation industry.

At the beginning of the establishment, AVIC integrated its internal financial assets and imbedded the securities company, finance company, leasing company, trust company, futures company, industry fund and insurance company into AVIC Capital through equity transfer and trusteeship. At the same time, it sets foot in banking and life insurance industries by means of acquisitions and equity participation.

While carrying out AVIC development strategy of 2 assimilations, 3 new competitive directions, 5 changes and RMB 1 trillion target, AVIC Capital identifies its strategic positioning:
1. To build “full license” financial transaction platform and create a first-class financial holding company.
2. To rely on Aviation Industry Corporation of China to expand the depth and breadth of combination of industry and finance.
3. To invest in new materials, new technologies and new energy fields, and explore the strategic direction of industrial development.

After identifying the strategic positioning, AVIC Capital has achieved a leap-forward development in recent years. The “full license” financial transaction platform has begun to take shape. By taking advantage of combination of industry and finance, AVIC Capital has actively participated in the major mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of AVIC. It has successively invested in AVIC Heavy Machinery (600765), Dong’an Heibao (600760), XAC, CATIC, AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., AVIC CAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., etc. and have gained handsome returns.


In order to explore the development direction of strategic emerging industries, AVIC Capital has increased the investment in new materials, new technologies and new energy fields: joint investment in CALB with CITC (002190), joint investment in AVIC Laser Prototyping Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with AVIC Heavy Machinery (600765), joint investment in FACC AG with Hong Kong Future International Aviation Investment Co., Ltd.

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