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We had invested the modern stem cell industry production research and development center, the area of building is more than 5000m2 , Production workshop is over 3000m2 (including: water making workshop, Dispensing workshop, Filling workshop, and Packing Workshop ). It is equipped in the automatic production line in line with the European Union CE and GMP standards; the Research & Development base is more than 2000 m2, (including: cell biology laboratory, microbiology laboratory, biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory), and it is a complete set of modern office area which in the integration of office, multimedia conference room, business room, and staff rest area together.


Production Research & Development Center will equipped the advanced production line and research facilities step by step, which will provide stronger support and material guarantee for industrialization of cell therapy. And it will meet the needs of opening experiment, and the ability for transformation experimental results into industrial production.




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