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AVIC Biology: To be the first-rate stem cells medical corporate

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    Cell therapy is the fourth treatment after the "physical therapy, drug therapy, and surgery therapy"; it is a new choice for those patients with cellular damage disease difficult to cure. The world's first stem cell drug was produced in South Korea in 2011, which triggered people’s concerns once again. Stem cells medical technology is the best perspective in the 21st century, and the stem cells clinical treatment has attracted extensive attention in the global medicine. In China, although the policy is not clear in stem cells drug, people have made considerable achievements in studies of stem cells medical technology.

    In Ningxia of China, there is a company mastered the key link of stem cell treatment firstly, that is the technology of extraction and purification during stem cell treatment, which is honored by American counterparts as the first company to master core stem cell technology in China, and the company is AVIC(Ningxia) Biology CO., LTD.The core technology mainly came from the President Wang Huailin’s research, and he is an associate chief physician, an associate professor, and a committee member in stem cells professional committee of engineering branch of Chinese medical association. 
    Stem cells can be divided into embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells according its developmental stage, and they have strong vitality, all kinds of tissue organ of the human body developed from them, Because of their unique function, medical researchers have sought to treat various incurable diseases by stem cells, such as cancer and diabetes.
    At the present, the stem cell therapy products based on the company independent research and development are medical apparatus, and the main products are "Bone marrow & Umbilical cord blood nucleated cell kits”. Adult stem cells can be separated from bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood of human body, it can meet purpose of treatment by local transplantation. Currently, this product has been used in stem cell treatment widely, and it is in used more than 200 hospitals in 20 provinces to treat liver cirrhosis, diabetes, thromboangitis obliterans, cerebral infarction, nerve damage and other diseases, and the curative effect is distinct.
    “At present, although the products produced by our company belong to medical equipment category, stem cells therapy is the inevitable choice in the modern hospital, and stem cells can treat various traumatic disease effectively is indisputable fact in the world mainstream medicine, the development of stem cells drug is an important step in stem cells medical technology.” Wang Huailin told to the reporter. The company has made a considerable progress in the field of stem cell drug research; we push on the stem cells products became to the official drug according many clinical experiments in the future.

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